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Granite Slab


An igneous stone, granite contains several minerals (including quartz and feldspar). Granite’s unique composition makes it the hardest natural stone other than diamond. Because of its durability, granite has become a popular kitchen and bathroom countertop material, and is gaining popularity as a material for floors and other heavily used surfaces.


Besides being durable, granite is also beautiful. Stone LA offers numerous granite options, each slab with its own distinct pattern and veining. To amplify their natural beauty and create dynamic eye catching countertops, we polish the granite to a high-gloss finish.


After polishing, small pits and fissures will still bet visible in the stone; these small marks are a natural characteristic of granite. The pits and fissures do not compromise granite’s durability and will not increase over time – instead, they add to the beauty and individuality of the stone.


Granite, quite literally, is as old as the earth itself. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock found below the Earth’s crust, cooled slowly to form a substance approaching the hardness and durability of diamond. Granite’s unique properties make it the material of choice in high traffic surface applications such as kitchens and bathroom counters. As a commercial or residential surface, Granite rarely discolors or stains and is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Granite Standard Sizes


Granite slabs range from approximately 60″ to 74″ high by 110″ to 120″ long by 3cm thick, the ideal size for kitchen counter and vanity tops. All slabs vary in these ranges and should be checked before specifying a specific height or length


Caring for granite countertops  


Before being installed, your new granite countertops were treated with a penetrating sealer. At Stone LA, we recommend that your surface be resealed once a year for ultimate protection.  Resealing helps to prevent stains, which while rare, are sometimes caused by common liquids like wine, vinegar, lemon or grapefruit juice and cooking oil.

Granite Island

Granite Bathroom

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